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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ads by Srstrkr.com, How to Remove?

He has been attacked by Srstrkr.com just like you.

"Lately, I have been noticing on google chrome that 1 of every 5 things I click on, I get a redirect popup. I have ad block on. And when I scan my computer with AVG and MalwareBytes, it comes up with no issues found.
This was the most recent one I recieved: https://srstrkr.com/r/redirectto=https%3A%2F%2Ftrkthis.com%2F%3Fa%3D16%26c%3D3204%26s1%3Dcommunity college&type=2&pId=10&campaignId=8271

I noticed that all the redirect popups begin with srstrkr.com/r/redirect. 

Does anyone know what I need to do to get this to go away."

First questions: Is it 
Srstrkr.com you are encountering with?

Is your computer getting slower and slower?
Do you notice that tons of unknown process or process related to Srstrkr.com running in the background?
Does your computer is tearing down by various ads from Srstrkr.com?
Are banners and coupons from Srstrkr.com unstopable?
Are there addtional PUP like browser hijacker, adware, spyware and trojan installed on your PC?
Are there random texts underlined and generating advertising links?

If your answers to the above questions are YES mostly, I feel really sorry for you. I am afraid that your computer is infected with this horrible and nasty Srstrkr.com. 

How can you welcome such annoying Srstrkr.com?

Srstrkr.com is an adware that is created to plant sponsored ads on your browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Typically, it gets on your computer as a bundled component of your desired freeware from the internet. 

Once it is installed, the modification of your browser default setting like search engine is performed without your permission. To gain more traffic for its products and generate revenue for the author, Srstrkr.com is capable of collecting your browsing history and use the information to deliver more and more related ads. Apart from that, your confidential information like credit card details and some personal account log in details can be stolen by hackers.

Facing the mass caused by Srstrkr.com, what should you do now? For the sake of your computer security as well as your personal sensitive information, you are kindly advised to remove it out of your computer without any delay!

Give yourself 30 miniutes to remove Srstrkr.com.

Solution 1: remove it manually
                   A: remove it from control panel
                   B: remove it from browsers

Solution 1: remove it manually

A: remove it from control panel
  • go to control panel  
  • uninstall programs
  • search for Srstrkr.com and right click to choose Uninstall

B: remove it from browsers

Remove it from IE
  • click on Tools and Internet Options
  • click Advanced and Reset...
  • In Reset Internet Explorer settings , select  Delete personal settings check box, click Reset button
  • restart your IE to check
Remove it from Mozilla Firefox

  • Run Firefox
  • Click Help and then Troubleshooting Information
  • Click Reset Firefox button to reset your Firefox settings

Remove it from Google Chrome
  • click Tools and Extensions
  • remove all the unwanted or unfamiliar Extensions via clicking the Trash Can Icon
  • go to Settings, Show Advanced Settings
  • restore browser settings back to the original defaults and conform it.

Solution 2: remove it automatically and easily

If you don't have much time or patience to remove Srstrkr.com, you can download and install Spyhunter to do the job for you. You not only enjoy the removal but also can keep Spyhunter and protect your computer in the future. Go on and Try it.

  • download and install Spyhunter by following the instruction
  • run the antivirus program to scan your computer and block it 
  • restart your compute to take effect

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