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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Remove CoinVault Ransomware - Tips for Decrypting Files Encrypted by CoinVault

You must have heard about Crytolocker, Crytobit, CTB locker and HeyHolder. 
Yes, CoinVault is one of them.
Please continue to read the post, find 2 solutions to get your files back.

CoinVault Decryption 

CoinVault, like CryptoWall and CrytoLocker, is a file-encrypting ransomware created to blackmail money by encrypting files on the computer. Once you are infected with CoinVault, it begins to scan your files and then encrypt all of them after you log in the windows. After the encryption is finished, a screen requiring $500 USD ransom is displayed and instructs you how to pay the ransom and decrypt the files. It also threatens you that the guarantee recovery is provide within 10 days. That’s to say if you don’t pay for it within 10 days, you will lose your files. The recovering files by paying for the ransom may be just a scan. I think you don’t have to pay for the ransom at first, you can try these 2 solutions to restore your files.

How to Remove searchpagefix.com Redirects?

searchpagefix.com has taken over his fiance's browser.

"Hi, thank you for providing this service.  I noticed when I go to my fiance and my website instead of going there it redirects me to searchpagefix.com.  I talked to the company hosting our site and they said I may have a virus.  I looked in my processes as well as my extensions and I don't see anything about searchpagefix.  I know I had an issue with a program I downloaded a couple of weeks ago but I thought I cleaned my system thoroughly.  Can you please help me out?"

What is searchpagefix.com?

searchpagefix.com is tagged as a browser hijacker. It definitely performs the modification of your default browsers. It targets the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once it sneaks on successfully, it replaces the homepage and the search engine of your default browsers. It attaches itself onto the browsers as an add-on or an extension to ensure new tabs open with searchpagefix.com webpage and replacing your default ones.

Guide for Removing Couponarific Ads

Couponarific Descrition

- An Adware

Couponarific is considered as an adware or an advertising platform. It installs itself onto the targets browsers as an add-on or an extension. Thus, it ensures its automatic popping up when you start the browser. Some victims have try to clear the ad-on or the extension but still fail to remove it. That’s because you haven’t uninstalled it from the control panel and cleared the browser history.

- Its Targets

Uninstall SearchScope Adware Completely, How?

What is SearchScope?

SearchScope is deemed as a potential unwanted program which not only contributes ads on your main browser but also causes severe issues on your PC. The most used browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explore are its targets. Its displayed name claims it’s useful but the fact is quite contrary.

Help Remove shorte.st Redirects - Tips for Getting Rid of Redirects

If you are encountering these situations, you must be attacked by shorte.st:

When open your browser, click a links and start up a new tab, you are always been redirected to shorte.st.
The browser suddenly performs badly, like crashing down or freezing randomly.
The popping-up ads are strange. They are kind of related to your search habits and your search key words.
Various ads never stop popping up to prompt their products.
Other sorts of potential unwanted programs are detected.

Zippyshare (zippyshare.com) Redirects, How to Remove?

How Zippyshare (zippyshare.com) gets on your PC?

Typically, it happens when you download freeware from the internet and install it without paying any attend to the installation process. Here comes the truth: Zippyshare (zippyshare.com) is usually disguised as a bundle hidden in your main wanted freeware. If you don’t choose Customize Installation to cancel the pre-check confirmation about some bundled components, you definitely will install potential information like Zippyshare (zippyshare.com) along with your desired ones.

Uinstall VaudiXe Adware Completely, How?

The Purpose of VaudiXe

VaudiXe is an adware that is created to generate various ads onto the targets like browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It’s sponsored by merchants and utilized to gain traffic for their products. The more traffic it wants, the more ads it will display on your browsers. It’s also designed to be a tool to make money for the designer via your every clicking on the popping up ads.