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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to completely get rid of Internet Helper Toolbar?

You open your computer and you find your favorite browser homepage has been turned into an unwanted one which is really annoying. Your browser settings and the default search engine are gone without your notice, and what’s worse, something nasty just simply replaces your default engine and your browser settings soundlessly. God help! Who can do me a favor to remove it?

The same as Ask Toolbar and Utility Chest Toolbar, Internet Helper Toolbar is an unwanted risky adware which really drives computer users crazy and slow things down. Also it can change your browser and default settings into the nasty ones. What really drives you mad is that it keeps popping up abs. Internet Helper Toolbar declares that it is really useful and convenient for all the computer users. It states that it provides not only powerful search services and tons of free applications, but also the latest contents for your browser and personal favorite places on the web. What it states seems really tempting, however, please never fooled by it. Once it is installed in your computer, you can never get your old computer back no matter how hard you try and how much you want. Like I said before, Internet Helper Toolbar changes your favorite browser and default settings which are its first step. The real target of it is to collect your personal information like credit card details and online activity traces to the third party for their mangy illegal activities. So you should remove Internet Helper Toolbar as soon as you can to avoid more loss. If you don’t know how to remove it, please feel free to contact http://www.teesupport.com

How Internet Help Toolbar enters your computer?
Internet Help Toolbar can be downloaded from this website: http://internetthehelper.ourtoolbar.com/. Usually most of the computer users get it from free applications such as free software downloads, videos, security programs, etc, which are bundled with Internet Help Toolbar. Downloading is the most the common way computers get infected. Computer users are always careless about the download and installation processes. They install some applications without viewing the instruction of installation, whose process may change the system settings, lacking of users’ knowing.

2 Efficient Removal Solutions

Solution A: Remove Internet Helper Manually

Step 1) uninstall Internet Help Toolbar through Control Panel
Click Start, choose Control Panel, locate Program and Feature , choose Uninstall or change a program. Search for Internet Help Toolbar related program, select this entry and click Uninstall.

Step 2)  Remove Internet Help Toolbar add-on and extension from IE, Google and Firefox, and reset homepage.

Click Display your bookmarks, uninstall add-on and extension.
Step 3) click Settings , choose General, reset the homepage, input website of homepage.

Step4) right click the toolbar shortcut, choose delete. (If you have one on your desktop)

Step5) restart your computer and check.

Note: If you think the manual removal is complicated and you really want to be a lazy guy, no worries, there is still a perfect solution for you - Download and Install Spyhunter to Remove Internet Helper Automatically. The most powerful antivirus program Spyhunter can remove Internet Helper just like hands down for you.

Solution B: Remove Internet Helper automatically (with SpyHunter)

Step A. Download removal tool SpyHunter

1) Click here or the icon below to download SpyHunter automatically.

2) Follow the instructions to install SpyHunter
  spyhunter run

spyhunter setup

spyhunter setup

Step B. Run SpyHunter to block Internet Helper

Run SpyHunter and click "Malware Scan" button to scan your computer, after detect this unwanted program, clean up relevant files and entries completely.

 spyhunter3 scan

Step C. Restart your computer to take effect.

warm tip:

"Spyhunter is really functional." Say the Spyhunter users. Yes, Spyhunter is not only can remove malware like Internet Helper but also can protect your computer from other sort of virus like trojan, spyware and ransomware. In a word, you can trust Spyhunter