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Monday, June 10, 2013

FBI Federal Lock down Virus: System Failure FBI Virus/How to Unblock Computer?

Just like any other FBI federal lock up virus, the content is always your activity is being recorded, you should send more than 100 bucks via Ukash or something else to avoid jail because of downloading/viewing/possessing copy right content and the like. The interface is similar to others. No doubt, system failure fbi message is a scam, it is another variant of ukash virus.

How System Failure FBI Virus Would Commit Harms

You get blocked by system failure fbi virus means there’s vulnerability on your system/installed programs/web apps instead of violating laws listed by the fake message. When in, vicious items of federal system failure virus delete some system files and modify configuration to help itself impose harms without too much interruption.

Backdoor it thus coming into shape to help report what has been done to remote server and in the mean time, receive new commands to further ruin your system. Don’t ever think that system failure fbi virus does nothing but to destroy system, the federal virus steals your privacy and collect your information stored in the system to resell them to other spammers. That’s why many people will get residual problems like search redirect problems, extra Trojan infections, additional programs’ installation and so on after successful removal.

2 Efficient Removal Antidotes 

Antidote A: Remove FBI Manually

Step1.:Reboot your computer and log into Safe Mode with Networking.

Step2: Launch msconfig. and disable startup items rundll32
Click "start" —> put msconfig. in "search box" —> press Enter —> disable rundll32

Step3: Reboot your system one more time.

Step4: Run regedit. Search for Winlogon.
Click "start" —> put regedit in "search box" —> press Enter —> press and hold Ctrl+F to search for Winlogon

Step5: There will be a key labeled Shell in the right pane. It should reference Explorer.exe or be blank. If not, right click it and replace it with explorer.exe.

Step6: Click Start menu -> click Run -> type: msconfig in the search bar -> open System Configuration Utility -> Disable all possible startup items of system failure FBI virus.
a) Click on the “Start” menu and then click on the “Search programs and files” box, Search for and delete these files generated by system failure FBI virus:
  • %AppData%\[random].exe
  • %ProgramFiles%\LP\[random].tmp
  • %ProgramFiles%\LP\[random].exe
  • %Windows%\system32\[random].exe
b) Open Registry Editor by pressing Windows+R keys, type regedit in Run box and click “OK” to proceed. When Registry Editor is open, search and get rid of the following registry entries generated by FBI system failure virus:
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\[random numbers]
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell”=”[SET OF RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe”
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MsConfig\startupfolder\[random names]
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MsCongif\startupreg\[random names]
Step7: Save changes, reboot to normal mode to see if the virus is gone.

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Antidote B: Remove FBI automatically (with SpyHunter)

Step A. Download removal tool SpyHunter

1) Click here or the icon below to download SpyHunter automatically.

2) Follow the instructions to install SpyHunter
  spyhunter run

spyhunter setup

spyhunter setup

Step B. Run SpyHunter to block FBI

Run SpyHunter and click "Malware Scan" button to scan your computer, after detect this unwanted program, clean up relevant files and entries completely.

 spyhunter3 scan

Step C. Restart your computer to take effect.

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