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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unsavory Websearch.mocaflix Redirect! How to Remove Browser Malware Completely

Creepy Websearch.mocaflix

Most of people would consider online blog articles frighten victims of websearch.mocaflix.com virus with what it does to system. It is found one report from one of its victim to show you how creepy it is:

‘Do you know how can i remove this search engine that says it's a malware. all i get from my searches are paid.
Also does it alter or influence my affliate link? one of my link clicks tells a series of number came after my affiliate id. ex. alliate-link-20#5974059472504503570 something like that.’

Here’s the screenshot to show what websearch.mocaflix looks like:

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Help Remove Sirefef.gen!c Completely/Steps to Get Rid of Sirefef Trojan

Sirefef.gen!c Commit Damages

People usually get Sirefef.gen!c in this way like this:

‘Today chrome started redirecting me to advert sites and flagging up a sirefef.gen!C infection (I have the same problem with internet explorer on this computer). I do not believe it is at the level of the router, as other devices on the network are behaving normally. I have ran the cleaning procedure in the sticky thread but sadly nothing has changed. 
I received an error message saying that my TDSS Killer log was too big to upload for it's filetype, so i've pasted it below (hope this is ok for you guys). I had a problem when running TDSS - it detected malware but gave me the error message "there are unprocessed malware objects" when trying to 'cure' the problem.’

Obviously, sirefef.gen!c has somehow disabled installed security programs to refuse deletion. Some people ran scan to catch sirefef.gen!c with only one option saying ignoring the threat. As what the complaint describes, sirefef.gen!c is too big that takes up a lot of space in the computer, which also implies that sirefef.gen!c manages to arouse many dysfunctions as it carries too many codes stay ready to be activated.

Infected with Websearch.good-results.info/How to Remove Browser Redirect?

How Bad is Websearch.good-results.info

‘This has taken over my browsers when I open a new tab. Everything on web says its bad and to remove but I can figure it out windows defender does not seem to think it is bad because it does not detect it. I do not know how I got it but I want it gone I have even gone through all of my files and can not find it. I can not seem to find it running in task manager so I can not stop the process. ’

Here’s the screenshot of websearch.good-results.info:

Like any aggressive and powerful browser malware, websearch.good-results.info manages to convince installed security programs that it is safe while it make PC users suffered from bad surfing experience with choppy browsing and annoying pop ups. Judged from the above said by one of its victims, it is crystal clear that websearch.good-results.info has hidden all its trace to prevent from detection and deletion. What are those intended conducts for?

How to Remove Amazon Smart Search Redirect Completely and Permenantly

How Do I Get Amazon Smart Search Redirect

‘After hapily using 'Google' as my search enginge for years, in the past few days I have sudeenly got 'Amazon Smart Search' coming up and I cannot get rid of it. ’

People who sticky to good computer practice get infected by Amazon Smart Search the browser hijacker. Many people who came to Spyhunter for remove help would like to ask why and how amazon smart search gets into the system. Nowadays many intrusive viruses like amazon smart search attack well-known sites like Facebook, Youtube and Google in a bid to make more people familiar with it. There are also other ways to get infected browser malware like amazon smart search:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Remove InBox Malware (Inbox.com) from Browser/How to Remove Inbox.com

Sneaky Inbox.com Virus

You uninstall InBox.com once but it comes back? As a matter of fact, you have never successfully removed inbox browser malware off your system. Inbox is a crawler or a lurker as you can say so according to the complaint below:

‘I noticed "inbox.com" when I went to Internet Explorer a couple of weeks ago & thought nothing of it. Tonight I realised inbox has actually taken over IE9. I have blocked 'inbox.com' in my antivirus but this has blocked IE as well. I tried to re-download IE9 but IE it won't let me.
I uninstalled 'inbox' from my programs but it is still here - and tries to be a browser / toolbar. I have no idea where it came from - I never downloaded it!’

Here’s the screenshot of inbox.com:

Hijacked by Searchnu: Steps to Remove Searchnu Redirect Permenantly

Stubborn Search.nu 


It is believed that searchnu engine and its toolbar have been already well known to most of PC users. People hijacked by searchnu may encounter the annoying situation that any clicked link redirects regardless of what search engine the user is intended.

Searchnu is such a stubborn and aggressive one that has contracts many people and plagued them for quite a long time. The browser malware even unleashes furious attacks and survives traditional removal. Here’s the report from one of its victims:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Know How: How to Remove Start.sweetpacks.com Permanently?

Tricks by Start.sweetpacks.com

If you open up start.sweetpacks.com and search.sweetpacks.com simultaneously, you’ll find them almost the same except the ad under the search bar. However, start.sweetpacks.com seems to be an evolved version of search.sweetpacks.com because it puts ‘Search with Bing’ within the search bar, paralyzing PC users not to realize its nature as a browser hijacker. Here’s the screenshot of start.sweetpacks search engine virus:

Subject to Qvo6.com! How to Remove Qvo6 Browser Malware Effectively?

Qvo6.com Is Found!

Newly found Qvo6.com browser malware seems to be as aggressive as ‘old’ ones that have plagued PC users for quite a long time like searchnu.com. Here’s what one of its victim reported:

‘Qvo6.com has taken over ALL of the web browsers Including Google Chrome, IE and Mozilla FireFox. It has a bogus uninstall and I can't remove it. How do I remove it? I did a remove and reinstall from norton but it's still there. It was from malavida.com to install free microsoft access’

Here’s the screenshot of the brand new browser malware:


Well, the image must be familiar to you, it is not that brand new itself. People manage to tell qvo6.com a virus without scrutiny on its behavior.

Is Qvo6.com Harmful?

Many people would firstly give a cold shoulder over qvo6.com because it seems to do nothing but to replace default homepage. While others rush to Spyhunter for remove help because qvo6.com acts like a lunatic search engine to show up in additional new tab after each click on a search and take errands to search results for you with random embedded hotlinks that will expose you to virus world should any click on them is made.

Want to know if Qvo6 is doing harm to your system? You may check something out:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homeland Security Virus: How to Unlock Computer from U.S Department of Homeland Security MoneyPak Virus?

Why Am I Locked by U.S Department of Homeland Security MoneyPak Virus?

According to the content of homeland security lock down message, your computer is locked because it has been used to visit/save/deliver prohibited content. As a matter of fact, it is not the case. Even though you’ve done so, you don’t deserve penalty like this. Homeland security virus pilfers the official interface and copies some Articles stated in law books to make people believe and fall into the trap. By doing so, the hacker behind homeland security moneypak virus manages to get large amount of money within a very short time. Here’s the screenshot of U.S Department of Homeland Security moneyPak virus:

Wise Convert Toolbar Uninstall: How to Remove Toolbar Virus

What Is Wise Convert Toolbar

Wise convert is a program that would simply save the trouble to install it since it is a BHO capable of falsifying browser settings and stay still. We detected that wise convert managed to arouse redirect problem to its page (wiseconvert.com). But the most evil thing wise convert does to get people want it off the computer so badly is that the toolbar arbitrarily take the errands to search results for the owner no matter what you intended to use.

Is Wise Convert Toolbar Safe?

Technically, no. To stay in the system and refuse to be removed will place the computer in perilous situation, because pushy key values could degrade security defense and thus lead to more virus installation without consent. Besides, if you ever take notice, you’ll see that what wise convert toolbar takes you to are mostly not related to the key word but commercial promotion instead. 

Oyodomo Virus: How to Remove Oyodomo Redirect and Its Popup Fast?

oyodomo virus manages both to pop up in every page you go and redirect you. Here are some reports from its victims:

‘I have a laptop which is running windows 7. however when i'm on the internet a pop up window regularly appears directing me to surveys and the window has odoyomo in the adress box.
I have looked in the programs box on my control panel icon but cannot find the oyodomo programe to delete it.’

‘Sometimes when he opens IE, a second tab opens to oyodomo.com briefly then goes to an ad site.’

What Damages Are from Oyodomo Malware

Don’t belittle such tiny thing that oyodomo.com appears to be, it manages to do a lot of thing:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remove Iminent Virus (Search.iminent.com) with Success!

Sticky Search.iminet Virus

Iminent touts itself as a helpful auxiliary program to get things done more smoothly. Here’s one example of how search.iminent.com browser virus gets into system:

‘so I downloaded a program to convert .mov files to .avi yesterday and it told me I should download Iminent so that it would work properly. Stupidly I did so without checking it out and I now have a virus. Last night I did a full scan with Malwarebytes, it found and removed 5 infected objects. Today I did a quick scan and it found 4 infected objects.’

Judged from the report, we can tell that iminent malware can somehow help things land on the compromised computer without an end, which is why you find yourself getting highly consumed CPU usage, and a more and more sluggish PC performance. Badly want to shake iminent browser malware off your computer? See what a horrendous time when one of its victims tried to do so:

How to Stop GetSavin Ads from Popping up Permanently

Should I Remove GetSavin Ads?

Here’s one complaint from one of getsavin's victim:

‘Somehow this ad program got into my system...probably as a tag-a-long.  Extremely Annoying.  The program is not listed on the control panel to be removed.  Somwhow it got past Norton.  I need to get rid of it.  I even tried Norton't more in depth software to no avail.’

People want to uninstall GetSavin advertisement just because they found it annoying and are fed up with it. But some PC users may raise the question as is there a necessity to uninstall getsavin pop up?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Remove Startpins Redirect (Startpins.com) Once and for All: How to Get Rid of Browser Malware

Keep Ending up at Startpins.com

Here’s one complaint:

‘When I open Chrome, something called "startpins.com/?" is my opening page - even though I have instructed Google to be my homepage. For extra info - this does not happen when I open firefox, but firefox is slower than usual.
When I try to download something, such as the latest version of Flash (amongst other things), a Error pops up.’

Apparently, startpins does not only block smooth searching but also replaces default homepage, slows down page-loading speed, and seems to upset installation of normal programs.
Here’s the screenshot of startpins virus:

AVASoft Antivirus Professional Uninstall: How to Remove Fake Anti-virus Program Completely

Newly Found Rogueware: AVASoft Antivirus Professional

Spyhunter has found that AVASoft Antivirus Professional is a cryptic one that would plunge itself into your system without asking for permission both of you and your trusted security tool and also a duplicitous program that tricks people into downloading it willingly. Soon you’ll get a list of threats that cannot be handled with the trial version. Thus you’ll be directed to the page asking for AVASoft Antivirus Professional purchase.
Here’s the screenshot of AVASoft Antivirus Pro:

Search.certified-toolbar Causes Huge Internet Lag! How to Remove Browser Malware?

Trick by Search.certified-toolbar

Usually, people get plague by search.certified-toolbar fake engine. Here’s the screenshot:

Every time people try to do search with key words will simply get redirected to the above shown page; click on to search results gathered by search.certified-toolbar would go straightly to random commercial and unrelated contents.

Some people get more trouble after the click on advertisement under its search bar which presents to be concern of your computer performance.

Monday, March 18, 2013

ILivid Pop up and Redirect: How to Stop ILivid Browser Malware

Is it Safe to Download ILivid? 

ILivid appears to be a free video downloader that is far from virus. However, if you ever downloaded, you may confront with unexpected troubles that resemble what is complained in the report below:

‘I am furious that Norton calls ilivid safe!!!  I wanted to watch a webinar and the thing downloaded without any real permission or terms of agreement etc.  It just took over my computer.  It changed my search browsers in IE, Mozilla and Chrome...it added toolbars and taskbars, it went in and reset my System Restore so I could not get rid of the junk that way and it also installed a bunch of programs under the words bando media, ilivid, datamgnr, searchqu and searchnu, even "searchresults" is used..  I uninstalled everything I could find but it lurked in my program files and I could not get rid of it without going to a tech wizard who had to go in the registry to remove it.   (These guys are really crafty, they morph and change their names...dates...all of it).’

It is obvious now that ilivid is a deceitful browser hijacker which allow additional virus in and you should know that ilivid.com is also an aggressive one that manages to settle down even if you didn’t complete its download. Here’s the complaint:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.c: How to Remove Rookit Completely and Fast

How Dangerous Is Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.c

If you are not familiar with rootkit.boot.pihar.c, or you don’t hurry up to remove rootkit.boot.pihar.c immediately upon its detection because you don’t seem to get any subversive, please read the report from one of its victims:

 ‘Yesterday I had a computer blue screen with a kdcom.dll error.  I booted into safe mode and scanned with malwarebytes which found and cleaned several items.  I've attached the log below.  I then ran tdsskiller and it found Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.c but was unable to clean it.  I then ran combofix which it found a bootsector virus and required a reboot.  It says it cleaned the bootsector virus but it didn't. ’

Judged from the name of the bootsector virus, Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.c attacks boot configurations, and victims will always receive a message tell you to allow repair on some dll file. What can this make difference? First, let’s have a look at what a DLL file does:

Help with Playtopus Infection that Cannot Find and Eradicate

Worried when Playtopus Coming up 

What is it like to get infected with playtopus adware? Here’s one of the descriptions from its victim:

‘I am helping a good friend with an adware virus on his laptop. He was getting adware banners at the bottom of his browsers. He was running Norton's antivirus but it obviously did not stop this one from infecting his PC. I had him download malwarebytes and run it. It came up with the pup.playtopus virus. We selected FIX and it said it cleaned it up successfully. We also deleted all o mporary IE files and rebooted. Unfortunately, it appears that malwarebytes did not clean all of it up because he is still getting the banners and spurious other windows coming up with advertisements. I went out to his program list and found the playtopus application. I had him uninstall the program, delete the temp IE files and reboot; to no avail. The banner can be closed (x in top right corner), but it then comes right back.’

Is playtopus a virus? You’ll find out if you try to uninstall the adware yourself or when you are in the middle of re-closing every single closed adware and simply unable to go surfing because of temporarily cease and will-not-stop ads. Thus, some people start to concern about their situation:

Friday, March 15, 2013

ICSPA (International Cyber Security Protection Alliance) Attack! How to Unlock ComputerFast?

ICSPA Across All Modes!

  • Any forms of safe modes even including safe mode with command prompt;
  • Last known good configuration;
  • Restore mode;
  • Repair your Computer
All bring you to ICSPA fake warning page:

International Cyber Security Protection Alliance virus comes from a collective ransomware that is Trojan supportive. That’s why so many all around the world get infected with it apart from United Kingdom. Here’s the variant of Australian version:

Delta Search Redirect Presents! How to Remove Browser Malware Completely?

Detection of Delta Search

It is like that delta search virus is plaguing many PC users till recently. Here’s what one of the recent victim of the fake search engine:

‘It seems like my PC has been infected with the Delta Search search engine. It opens up automatically on starting Chrome and IE and there have been way too many pop ups in the last 2 days.’

The interface is displayed as below:

Delta search engine virus is fraudulent, tricking people into downloading or believing by working with another fake ad displayed right under the search bar, just like the interface pasted above.

Dangers to Have Delta Search 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Linkbucks.com Is Redirecting! How to Remove Linkbucks Browser Malware?

Bugged by Linkbucks.com in Browser

‘Its driving me INSANE ! everytime i open a youtube video i get redirectied to linkbuks .com ! i googled it and found out it was a virus?’ – Report from one of its victim.
Yes, it is a virus that displays as below:

But the weird thing is what described as below:

‘I think I have a virus or spyware on my computer. It redirects me to a third-party site (something like LinkBucks) when I try to visit Facebook, Google or YouTube. This happens in both Safari and in Mozilla Firefox. I have tried scanning with ClamX, MacScan, but they are not finding any viruses. I also downloaded a kit that scans the computer for DNS redirect changer viruses, but it can't find any.’

It is obvious that linkbucks can somehow slip past various security programs and commit infamous conduct to track your whereabouts and scrape privacy.The scene that all installed browser get infected with linkbucks may be the result of Rookit installation through the backdoor, or of enhancement the maker behind it programs it to carry Rookit. Be aware that linkbucks can do what it seems not to be able to do with that small size:

22find.com Redirect: How to Remove Browser Malware Effectively

Pick up 22find.com on Searches

‘Whenever I open my web browser (Mozilla Firefox but it happens also on chrome and IE) instead of my chosen homepage appears the “22Find.com” page.
I tried to remove it from Mozilla Firefox options, from the extensions from the plugins and from the properties but it always comes back.
I unistalled the software that I think secretely downloaded the virus but 22FIND.com is always there...
I also used cccleaner...

What should I do?
Also why Kaspersky internet security didn't stop it or doesn't erase it?’ – from one of its victim.

Judged from the report, we learn that:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Irritating Clickapps1.com Redirect: How to Remove Clickapps1 browser malware

What Is Clickapps1.com

Unlike other redirect viruses that come up suddenly with search bar or something to be promoted, clickapps1.com displays purely a line of sentence. Here’s the description by its victim:

‘I am having problems with my Google Chrome Browser, whenever I try to go to a website, as soon as it loads it goes to a website called clickapps1.com, and starts refreshing repeatedly, and the only thing visible on that site is text saying "Domain name suspended. Contact the administrator.”’

Spyhunter advises do not ever doubt the fact that clickapps1 is a browser malware. It camouflages to be an issue generated by browser or system in a bid to load down tracking cookies in the background and avoid detection. Should there be any chance that one of its victims tries hard to solve the none-existent problem by regaining back administrator with various methods, clickapps1.com redirect is able to make its way to receive vicious commands that will incur further harms to the compromised system. But how? 

Blocked by ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus: How to Unlock Computer Effectively

Nefarious ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus

The cyber crime virus exploits the name of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deliver bogus warning that the user has breached laws on copyright, or accuses you of helping to spread pornographic material and other spams. There’s no difference between any other lock down virus, such as International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) virus, Internet Crime Complaint Center virus, Police Cybercrime Investigation Department virus except for amount of ransom, name, interface and the Articles. The image of ICE virus is displayed as below:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Homepage Replaced by Websearch.pu-results.info: How to Remove Search Engine Virus

Hijacked by Websearch.pu-results.info

The very first detection when you get infected with websearch.pu-results.info is that your default homepage is replaced by websearch.pu-results.info with a search bar and random advertisement. As you can see below:

The advertisement here must be attractive because it appears to be concern about your computer security. Never ever click on it, because it totally a scam! 

Snap.do: How to Remove Search.snap.do from Bowser Effectively

Want Help to Remove Snap.do

‘whenever i try to search on Google or Internet Explorer i keep getting taken over by snap.do can anyone tell me how i can remove it from my computer’ – report from one of its victim.

Spyhunter believe that victims of snap.do must have tried to get the fake search engine off their computer by installed security tools but to no avail, or they won’t come to technicians for help. Search.snap.do is a arbitrary browser hijacker that simply prevents users from reaching to intended search results until users behave like to good boy to use it as a default search engine. Here’s the screenshot of snap.do:

Fantastigames.com Redirect: How to Remove Search Engine Virus

Fantastigames search engine virus is so intrusive and tricky that it has various versions, such as isearch.fantastigames.com/439, search.fantastigames.com/423 and the like with the main domain steady as fantastigames. Here are some reports from its victims:

‘All of a sudden now when I open Chrome I get a 2nd tab that opens to http://search.fantastigames.com/453. How can I remove that? It is not a program that can be removed via control panel and I have no extensions related to it.’

Some people would like to remove fantastigames redirect because they used to get a window that open to favorite sites. While others who don’t mind the start up page will live with it and take fantastigames as a useful search engine.
Here’s the image:

vGrabber Toolbar Uninstall: How to Remove V Grabber Toolbar Efficiently

Pushy vGrabber Toolbar Refuses to be Uninstall

Many people are confronted with difficulty in vgrabber toolbar uninstall. Here are two reports:

‘I tried unistalling from add /remove program but even tho it says it was successful, I still have it in the add.remove program and it still appears  in the google toolbar.....’

‘I've uninstalled the program and have deleted all the files I could find in search, but the toolbar is still there.’
Here’s the image:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Uninstall VisualBee: How to Remove Visualbee Toolbar and Search Engine

Persistent VisualBee Toolbar

VisualBee claims to be a useful tool that automatically designs your PowerPoint presentations in a single click, creating an exciting and powerful showcase. Therefore many PC users go and download it without thinking that they’ll meet browser disaster when try to get rid of visual bee toolbar. Some people say it is a virus/malware when they come to Spyhunter because there’s additional difficulty:

‘I deleted the toolbar but the search engine wont go away.’

Here’s the image of visualbee:

Have you ever wondered what potential danger you might have when visualbee toolbar and search engine refuse to be uninstalled? Whatever it is, you might have interest in how visual bee able to stick to the browser and how to uninstall it. So keep reading.

Dubious VisualBee Toolbar

Various anti-virus program won’t help remove its toolbar; cleansing associated extension and add-ons fail; error comes up when try to uninstall visualbee by accessing Control Panel. Here’s the error image:

Chitka Pop up: How to Remove Ads Malware Effectively?

Annoying Chitka Pop up

Here’s the report from one chitka virus victim that describe what is it like to suffer from chitka pop up virus:

‘I'm getting these chitka pop up ads at the bottom of my screen frequently. I have malware bytes anti virus installed but it doesn't seem to find the problem. I'm also being redirected alot! ’

Spyhunter also get some complaints that chitka shows its face on all browsers. It is true that people who get more redirect issues on browser are easier to be susceptible to persistent chitka pop up and it has been found that the ad malware is prone to collaborate with:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Help: Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Metropolitan Virus

Multiple version of Cybercrime Investigation Virus

Police cybercrime lock down virus seems to plague many people in the world. There are 3 commonly seen version of the metropolitan virus. They are:

Polizei cybercrime investigation department virus plagues people in Quebec, Canada

Actually, they are all in one. But why they appear differently?

Win7 Smart Pro: How to Uninstall/Remove Win7 Fake Antivirus Program

Property of Win7 Smart Pro

Get rerouted to a website that claims to run a quick scan by win7 smart pro automatically; a pop up message say that win7 smart pro anti-virus program is ready to be installed for the sake of computer health; download win7 smart pro anti-spyware program willingly as you consider it as a new born security tool to deal with aggressive virus effectively. Whichever will though lead you to a purchase requirement for licensed version that claims to provide a full range of service in a bid to nuke all detected items while free version can’t. Here’s the screenshot of win7 smart pro:

Design is quite official, but the program is dubious due to its force tactic. Want to know what the fake security tool can do for you and want to uninstall the program for mistakenly installed? Please keep reading.

Damages posted by Win7 Smart Defender Pro

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FBI Anti Piracy Warning Ukash Virus: How to Unlock Computer from Scam

Spoof FBI Anti Piracy Attack 

All of a sudden, you are turning from a law-abiding citizen to a person who will be prosecuted if he/she decides not to hand in a large amount of money that can be up to $200 within stipulated time. Here’s the interface of FBI Anti Piracy Warning Ukash Virus:

Can't get across why a FBI Anti Piracy Warning moneypak virus manages to appear in different interface?

How to Remove Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A Completely and Safely

Devastated Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A

Nowadays many people get infected with Alureon malware that infects the Master Boot Record (MBR), among its variant, Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A has plagued most of PC Users so far. According to some studies, trojan:dos/alureon.a attempts to decrypt and execute the contents of a file named "ldr16". Here’s one report from its victim, let’s see how devastated Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A can be:

‘-  Pc crashed and said it had to restart. after restart would not boot Windows. blank screen. can access boot and setup menu but no OS. scanned as a slave drive. scan reports infected with Trojan:DOS\Alureon.A  location of virus is  \\.\physicaldrive1\(mbr)  scan can't clean and I can find no info on this virus. also can't access location for manual delete. ’

However, Spyhunter has been told with different versions of damage caused by Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A. Here’s another damage report:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Uninstall Strongvault Online Backup from Computer Completely

Complaints about Strong Vault

‘— It'a not showing up on my control panel so that I can remove it,but it's annoying because it won't let me get online it has just taken over my computer which is a dell desktop

— I need help to remove it as well, someone on a another site mentioned to use windows FIX it, but that also recieved an error, for some terrible reason. All my cleaners can't find strongvault virus

— same here i removed it but it still causes pop up messages whenever i r click anything im scared’

Obviously, strongvault online backup cause troubles to its users. Security utilities cannot find anything and thus unable to help; control panel won’t work as there’s no strongvault appearance. Is there a way to uninstall it and is it dangerous to the system?

Can Strong Vault be Harmful to System?

Startnow Page is Over Webpage: Remove Startnow and Affiliates

Troubles with Startnow Search Engine

‘I got the Startnow.com virus on my Chrome browser.  It is a redirectional virus which won't let me navigate, and keeps sending me to various other websites.  I finally just stopped using Chrome and I uninstalled it from my computer.   After a couple of days I tried reinstalling Chrome from Google's website.  Startnow.com was there again, so I am assuming it is lurking somewhere on my hard drive although Norton didn't pick it up.  What do I do?  I am currently using Explorer as my browser, but it seems to be acting oddly too.  Is there something out there which will help me get rid of this virus?’ – Description from startnow victim.
Let’s have a glance at its interface:

Many people would fall into the trap, thinking it is a legitimate and useful search engine because there’s a Bing next to the search box. Is Bing a collaborator? Spyhunter would give a positive answer – NO! ‘Bing’ is taken advantage of, making Starnow more convincible to be kept on the system. Some people didn’t realize startnow.com is a browser malware since the search engine did not block the webpage and really did a good job. However, they didn’t notice the lagging PC performance as they considered the slowness was due to the age of the machine, and never thought that the issue could be triggered by startnow.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Uninstall Disk Antivirus Professional: How to Remove Fake Antivirus program Completely

Troublesome Disk Antivirus Professional

Reports from victims of Disk Antivirus Professional:

‘The trouble with Disk Antivirus Professional started when I download what I think was a useful program when I visited a Youtube-like web page. After the download, I notice that the Internet connection becomes slow as well as my PC. It took a while before I can open any programs. Then, all of a sudden, my computer restarts. When Windows opens, I can see the Disk Antivirus Professional scanner doing some tests on my system. I just let it finish and afterwards, gave me a result telling that my computer is flooded with viruses and Trojans.’

‘I think i'm infected with a virus. Every now and then i get a warning saying that my credit card number is going to be stolen and that i need to sign up for this "disk antivirus professional" antivirus program to prevent it.’

Spyhunter found that Disk Antivirus Professional will not only display infections but also other threat alerts. Here are what we get from Tee Support Lab:

Department of Justice Ukash Virus: How to Unlock Computer from MoneyPak Scam?

DOJ Virus Detection

Here’s one of the victim of the lock-down virus described:

‘Yesterday, as I was responding to an email, my computer frozen and it shows a message from : Depatment of Justice from United States".
 The  message shows my IP-adress and provider. According to the message I had performed illegal activities such " child pornography" and or "sharingsoftware". The message refer me to "Green Dot MoneyPack to pay a fee of $300.00" .’

Here’s the screenshot:

Department of Justice MoneyPak Virus is not a stranger any more, most PC Users are familiar with the old trick that it accuses you with specific terms provided, threatening the victim to hand in the money within stipulated time in the way it redirects you to, or it would immediately be formatted and all pictures, documents, etc. However, some people still get fooled by the fake warning, because they told Spyhunter that they did something not supposed to do or simply get scared. Just keep sober that no authentic authority department will collect ransom by suddenly blocking the screen during operation session.