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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What is Browser Hijacker—Comprehensive Description of Browser hijacker

Browser Hijacker, a malicious process, has the ability to modify default search engine, settings and homepage in form of plug-ins. Once it attacks your PC, your browser will be out of function. In a word, browser hijacker is distinguished by its browser modification. Certainly, beyond that, it also has other characteristics and harms.

Browser hijacker usually slides into your PC furtively without obtaining any approval and agreement. As a result, you cannot know the exact time it attacks your PC. Furthermore, it is promoted via diverse channels, for example, 1) by free download, 2) by bundling with sponsored ads, suspicious links, and spam emails, 3) by cooperating with suspicious websites. As a consequence, in my opinion, it is wise for you to keep a distance from them when surfing the Internet.

Do You Know What Troubles it Can Cause?

As a vicious process, browser hijacker aims to get profits via a series of bad actions. If you want to break away from the following harms, you have to absolutely get rid of browser hijacker from your PC.

It slows down your PC performance and network speed.
It forces you to its domain.
It substitutes for your default search engine.
It makes your PC jammed with a variety of commercial ads.
It comes with additional threats such as virus, malware, adware, etc.
It collects your personal online information, or even sells that to third parties for profits.

Browser hijacker gives you an unsafe network environment, and has a bad effect on your online experience. As a result, besides remove it, you also should know how to prevent it from your PC.

  1. Download all software from the official vendor’s website.
  2. Reselect applications in default option when having free download.
  3. Make the firewall of your PC being in the operating state.
  4. Avoid opening strange emails, visiting pornographic websites.
  5. Remember to update security system and get rid of the old version and scan your PC periodically.
  6. Install reputable real-time antivirus program to protect your PC.