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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Computer Runs Slowly? How to Solve?

Compputer runs slowly? 
Do not know what caused the problem?
Have no idea to improve?

Don't worry, there are some suggestions for you to solve the problem.

First of all, we need to know why your computer runs slowly. Or what caused the problem of slow performance. That is one of the most popular computer questions. Generally speaking,there are some possible reasons that cause slow computer.

(1) There are too many programs running at the same time on your PC.

It is normal that computer users download applications,utilities, or other programs onto the computer. However, it is not suggested that users run a number of programs at the same time. Because it may take up more system resources and computer need more time to perform one by one. So your computer will run slowly.

(2) Your computer might be infected with some malware/viruses.

If your computer is infected with malware/virus, it is common symptom that your computer perform slowly. Because these infections can add more and more malicious programs to your system, which can eat up your system resources and mess up your PC. This is one reason that your PC performance slowed down.

(3) Too many third-party browser plug-ins

If too many third-party browser plug-ins installed on your PC, it also can affect computer performance. Those unwanted browser plug-ins are useless and even take up your PC resources. This is why we need to clean some unwanted plug-ins in time.

(4)Too much disk fragmentation

disk fragmentation can be accumulated every time we use hard disk data.More disk fragmentation will extend the time of read and write for data. Hence, PC performance can be degraded.

(5)A lot of items loading at the startup

How to speed up and optimize your PC?

(1) Limit how many programs run at startup

  • Click the Start button, type System Configuration in the search box, and then click System Configuration in the list of results.
  • Click the Startup tab. The programs set to run at startup are indicated with a check mark. You can clear the check boxes for any nonessential programs to disable them.
(2) you need to uninstall unnecessary programs. And you'd better not download needless software.Details listed as below:

  • For Windows XP: Start>>Control Panel>>Add or Remove Programs.
  • For Windows 7: Start>>Control Panel>>Programs and Features.
  • For Windows 8: Start>>Control Panel>>Uninstall a Program.
  • Choose your version and uninstall unnecessary programs.
(3) Run fewer programs at the same time.

(4) You need to regularly defragment the hard disk, tweak the registry, and clean out temporary files.

Click the Start button >> Type Disk Cleanup in the search box >> Click Disk Cleanup >> Click OK >> Click Delete Files.

(5) To find out if you have a malware problem, use an anti-virus and anti-spyware application to find it and remove it— like the free scanning tool we have available in SpyHunter.

If you want to optimize your computer,you can download the powerful tool RegCure Pro